Activities For The Civic Geek: Electronic Recycling

Most geeks love their electronics.  Electronic waste and disposal presents quite an environmental problem – and ignores how other people can use technology others casually throw away.  Getting into electronic recycling as a civic geek gives you many ways to … Continue reading

Civic Geek Catalog Update 11/15/2014

First of all, the Geek Catalog is now the Civic Geek Catalog AND it has it’s own website at CivicGeek.Com – still sorted by Geekery And Category – with more to come! General Culture Project: Courtesy And Consequences – A comics … Continue reading

Link Roundup 7/30/2013

Whew, more news Living, Working, And Environment: Are we ready for more superstorms?  The answer is no.  So keep that in mind in your career, your living choices, and perhaps working to make sure we stop messing up the environment. … Continue reading