Civic Geek Catalog Update 11/15/2014

First of all, the Geek Catalog is now the Civic Geek Catalog AND it has it’s own website at CivicGeek.Com – still sorted by Geekery And Category – with more to come! General Culture Project: Courtesy And Consequences – A comics … Continue reading

Geek Catalog Update 11/9/2014

It’s your weekly update of Citizen Geek Resources! First of all the full lists now have in-page links since they’ve gotten huge – you can find them sorted by Geeky Interest or Specific Focus. With Blizzcon ending, I figured this … Continue reading

Geek Catalog Update 10/20/2014

And here’s the latest update on the Geek Catalog.  Be sure to check out the ever-growing lists for Geek Focus or Community Focus. Comics Education Reading With Pictures – A nonprofit advocating using comics in the classroom to promote literacy … Continue reading

Geek Catalog Update 10/5/2014

The latest updates to the Geek Catalog are here!  Heavy on coding this time since that’s where my research led me. As always, check out the full list for the Geek Focus and Community Focus Listings.   Comics and Cartoons … Continue reading

Geek Catalog Update for 9/21/2014

Sorry I missed last week – got sick and got hammered at work and in general was miserable-busy. When I wasn’t sleeping. I did get some updates this week to the Geek Catalog – and as always check out Geek … Continue reading

Geek Catalog Update 9/7/2014

Here’s the latest Geek Catalog update for those of you interested in civic geekery. You can find the entire catalog sorted by geek interest and community focus as well. Comics Charitable Work Heroes Alliance – Cosplayers who use their skills … Continue reading