Science Made Clear: An Interview With Jon Perry of Stated Clearly

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Science is important.  Unfortunately people are more than glad to back the B.S. truck up and dump all over science for their own agendas to confuse issues.  Schools don’t always teach what they should.  Pop culture distorts science.  Enter the folks at Stated Clearly ( who explain science in clear, practical terms for everyone.  They even take offers of help and donations – and if you’re thinking of helping out, let’s talk to the man behind it, Jon Perry.

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Geek Catalog Update 10/20/2014

And here’s the latest update on the Geek Catalog.  Be sure to check out the ever-growing lists for Geek Focus or Community Focus.


  • Education
    • Reading With Pictures – A nonprofit advocating using comics in the classroom to promote literacy and education. Researches comics and their role, collaborates with artists for content, and partneres with educators.
    • The Comic Book Project – A literacy program that gets young people involved in creating comics to boost skills, awreness, and engagement.


  • Education
    • Hack The Hood – A nonprofit that helps low-income youth of colors into tech careers by having them build websites for businesses in their communities, teaching them both technology and business skills.
  • Female Geeks


  • Education
    • Stated Clearly – Stating science simply to make the facts clear – and counter misinformation.

Video Games

  • Charitable Work
    • Gaming For Others – Raises money via grueling gaming marathons. They push themselves for money – for others!


  • Books
    • Book Harvest – Collects used books and distributes them to children in need.
    • The Book Bus – The Book Bus gets books to people who’d normally not have access to them in various countries around the world. They’re always expanding their focus, and do educational programs

– Steven Savage

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