Why Incompetence Is Something We All Choose

(This column is posted at www.StevenSavage.com, www.SeventhSanctum.com, and Steve’s Tumblr) Some thoughts for all the people out there that follow me for career and creative advice . . . Improving our skills and abilities, learning new things, is something we … Continue reading

Science Made Clear: An Interview With Jon Perry of Stated Clearly

Science is important.  Unfortunately people are more than glad to back the B.S. truck up and dump all over science for their own agendas to confuse issues.  Schools don’t always teach what they should.  Pop culture distorts science.  Enter the … Continue reading

Link Roundup 12/3/2014

What’s worthy of your attention? Cosplay Abby of KeAbitum looks at the Cosplay Money fallacy. A con that’s hardcore focused on sculpting and practical skills? Meet ConStruct. And now a nonprofit makerspace community for cosplayers?  Meet Studio Cosplay. Culture Cracked looks … Continue reading