More Link Roundup!

Bryan Cranston cosplayed as himself at ComicCon and wasn’t recognized.

Then it got weird…

Hugh Jackman did, too, and got criticism.  “Too tall.”

Spat between CBS, Time Warner Cable may see New York, LA, and Dallas subscribers losing the network and its subsidiaries (incl. Showtime).

Twitter uses real users for fake tweets to promote new ad platform; gets caught.

Want to write?  Draw!

Sketching out characters, settings help keep details straight and in an easy to reference manner.

Conservative MP wants “opt in” for online porn for Canadians, mirroring similar legislation in the UK.

Joy Smith, Member of Parliament for Kildonan-St. Paul (north part of Winnepeg) hasn’t been following the fall-out from PM Cameron’s idea. It’s not going to fly here.  (Well, it’s not flying in the UK, either.)

Yet another Sharknado article.

For $1 million dollars and a cheese fest of a movie, The Asylum is getting a lot of press.  Sure, only a million people saw it on SyFy, but is there any other movie getting this much attention this summer?  The Atlantic Wire has a graph of the tweets (; fittingly, it looks like a dorsal fin.  Marketing departments at other studios must be wondering, “WTF?”

Five Writing Exercises That Will Make You More Creative

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