Link Roundup 7/25/2013

A huge, huge list of writing resources. It just keeps going and going.

What comics freelancers got paid in the 70’s. This may make you feel better . . . or worse. I’m not sure wish.

What is known – and unknown – about XBox Indie development. Lots of unknowns, I’m afraid, but it’s not entirely dismal.

A book on Superman’s creators sounds like a great read for comics, fans, writers, and historians. May be worth picking up.

Skillbridge is trying to be a freelancing site for serious high-level stuff. This should be interesting to watch – and may provide some opportunities, or start a crash of pay rates.

Facebook stock surges. By 25%. I certainly didn’t see this coming.

Blackberry lays off 250 people. It may be time to give up. Finally. Again.

For you makers, a dress made from a book.

– Steven Savage