A Quick Look at Chromecast

Yes, Google’s got it’s new dongle/gizmo Chromecast out.  It’s a wireless HDMI gizmo that lets you stream to your TV.  So really, it’s using your TV as a second monitor, which some of us do anyway.  However the Chromecast is also $35.00

Consumer reports does a great analysis.

To me, it’s interesting as it seems to:

  • Speak to an audience who is computer, not TV centric.  I’m that audience, and I get it – that TV is a big monitor.
  • Be remarkably restrained.  This is a small gizmo, not a big device.  If Google is going small, this opens up many opportunities.
  • Completely confuse and conflate TV, web, streaming, and TV.  Which may be the point and is kind of inevitable.
  • Would be REALLY interesting if paired with Steam.

Sounds like Google has some interesting plans.  Let’s watch this.

– Steven