Link Roundup 10/2/2013

What’s up for you Applied Geeks, Careerists, and Creatives?

  • The Ouya may not seem to be doing hot, but Lifehacker has some suggestions.  Also it’s expanding in Europe.  Not sure we can write it off yet, though with the Steam box it may quickly end up another curiosity.  I’m still guessing a possible purchase.  I wouldn’t develop specifically for the Ouya, but it might not be something to ignore at the very least . . .
  • Big boost for Hulu (which I’m still bullish on) – it’s added to Chromecast.  Well Chromecast needed more anyway, so everyone wins.  Look at some point Hulu will succeed almost despite itself, which may mean its good for carrying your content and possible careers.
  • Developing mobile apps?  This article argues the age of paid apps is largely past.  I’d say there’s some credit to this, but then again that’s now.  If you told me five years ago I’d be paying for some of the things I pay for now, I wouldn’t have believed you.  So take this with some caution.
  • Well bad news at Reuters – about five percent of the staff will be cut.  Might want to keep that in mind in your job search.

– Steven “Soon To Be Available On Chromecast” Savage

It’s The Living Room

So as I noted earlier, with the Chromecast and Google’s Hangout box, it’s obvious Google is making a play for the Living Room. This is not surprising, since Microsoft is also making a play for the living room (and the office equivalent) with the XBox One to the point they kinda forgot the whole gaming thing until the criticisms came in.

The living room appears to be the next big device battlefield. Well, the Smart Watch as well, but even after some discussions I’m still not sold it’ll be a battlefield as much as the site of a Pyrrhic non-Victory.

I actually think the living is a valid area for tech companies to target, and wanted to explore that a bit.

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An Look at Chromecast, Roku, and Apple TV

Nice roundup at Boing Boing for your thoughts.

I’ve got to say Roku sounds like they’re coming out ahead here.  I’m also wondering how they stand politically – independent or in danger of a buy-out?

Still, maybe it’s time to send them a resume.

– Steven