Link Roundup 9/17/2013


Amazon reports . . . increased sale in Vinyl Records?  It’s more than just some hip trend, but seems to be part of deeper elements of Amazon’s cross-marketing and product association – an advantage they have that few others do.  I’m sure there’s other places they and competitors can innovate, but they seem to have the edge . . .


How much did we pay for the 2007-2009 meltdown?  A look at costs versus losses that’s worth reading if you’re heavily econogeek.


US Military scientists discover how to identify notes that make things go viral in social media.  You can bet this is going to get used like crazy.  I’m also glad it wad discovered publicly so it won’t be hidden.


Forget Facebook, Google should be a model for your startup.  Google makes stuff and builds goodwill, nuff said.  Well worth reading.

Food for thought: Is Microsoft going to the right strategy at the wrong time?  Makes me slightly less bullish on Microsoft, the upshot being that they’re sort of “speaking last cycle’s language.”

Finally one of Bonnie’s interviews gets mentioned at Lady Geek Girl!

Link Roundup 9/14/2013: News on Microsoft, Zynga, and more

Maker Culture

If you’re into science, you may want to check out bodyhackers and medical hackers.


A great look at Microsoft’s slow fall/stumble.  Really gives some perspective.  I’m still bullish on Microsoft as an employer, but they’ve changed, times have changed, and they need to broaden to survive.

On the subject, a good look at what the hell happened to Zynga.

Is Twitter’s IPO plan to basically not do what Facebook did?  Apparently.  I’m still tetchy about Goldman Sachs being involved, but I do trust Twitter.   Their results will affect other people’s plans for IPos, so watch out.

– Steven Savage

Microsoft Phone Home!

The actually somewhat inevitable happened: Microsoft buying Nokia’s phone business.  Here’s how things may go down, and there’s skepticism that Elop is going to be the next big leader.  Elop has his strong points, but don’t expect him to become CEO.

Does any of this surprise anyone?  I’m surprised it took this long.

I see this as having to have some effect on Microsoft’s plans (probably can’t do any worse), but am not sure what it’ll mean employment-wise.  Microsoft was doing some hiring lately, so I don’t know if they’ll shed – or add – people.

Also? Nokia’s stock did well.

– Steven Savage