Link Roundup 9/14/2013: News on Microsoft, Zynga, and more

Maker Culture If you’re into science, you may want to check out bodyhackers and medical hackers. Technology A great look at Microsoft’s slow fall/stumble.  Really gives some perspective.  I’m still bullish on Microsoft as an employer, but they’ve changed, times … Continue reading

Microsoft Phone Home!

The actually somewhat inevitable happened: Microsoft buying Nokia’s phone business.  Here’s how things may go down, and there’s skepticism that Elop is going to be the next big leader.  Elop has his strong points, but don’t expect him to become CEO. … Continue reading

Link Roundup 8/15/2013

Another day with lots of links . . . think this may be a regular feature! Technology: Javascript on hardware?  This could leverage all that web skill somewhere else.  I’ve seen JavaScript pop up places I haven’t expected. Cisco lays … Continue reading

Microsoft And Barnes And Noble Team Up On eBooks And Education?

If you haven’t heard for a legitimate reason, like a coma or temporary death, Barnes and Noble has teamed up with Apple in a ‘strategic partnership” involving e-Books. Yeah. Process that one for a bit. Basically there’s a new B&N … Continue reading