Link Roundup 9/14/2013: News on Microsoft, Zynga, and more

Maker Culture

If you’re into science, you may want to check out bodyhackers and medical hackers.


A great look at Microsoft’s slow fall/stumble.  Really gives some perspective.  I’m still bullish on Microsoft as an employer, but they’ve changed, times have changed, and they need to broaden to survive.

On the subject, a good look at what the hell happened to Zynga.

Is Twitter’s IPO plan to basically not do what Facebook did?  Apparently.  I’m still tetchy about Goldman Sachs being involved, but I do trust Twitter.   Their results will affect other people’s plans for IPos, so watch out.

– Steven Savage

Link Roundup 8/5/2013

Plenty of interesting news today, so a roundup is in order!


Put on your sci-fi boots and go to the virtual farm, vat-grown meat is a reality.  Apparently a dry, not overly exciting reality, but still this is progress (for a remarkably cheap experiment).  Food production is going to be an issue in a complex world facing climate change, so this may provide some career ideas for you, or just some ideas for you writers.  Or a Better Off Ted episode.

A look at the cultural problems startups may have that’s really been making us MuseHackers talk among ourselves.

Video Games:

Muse Hack Friend Jose San Mateo went to Gaymer X and takes a look at a need for Indies to respect gay gamers, and the convention and culture in general.  Ok game developers get reading and get thinking.

OMGPOP is dead as Zynga continues to work to find ways to make people dislike them.


The Washington Post was sold to Jeff Bezos.  Take a moment and smell the irony.

– Steven