It’s The Living Room

So as I noted earlier, with the Chromecast and Google’s Hangout box, it’s obvious Google is making a play for the Living Room. This is not surprising, since Microsoft is also making a play for the living room (and the office equivalent) with the XBox One to the point they kinda forgot the whole gaming thing until the criticisms came in.

The living room appears to be the next big device battlefield. Well, the Smart Watch as well, but even after some discussions I’m still not sold it’ll be a battlefield as much as the site of a Pyrrhic non-Victory.

I actually think the living is a valid area for tech companies to target, and wanted to explore that a bit.

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Microsoft’s About-Face on DRM

Remember how Microsoft’s DRM/Once-a-day Internet connection on XBox had everyone angry?  Well, they’re taking it out.

Of course removing it changes some features:

  • Physically purchased games won’t “follow” the player to other machines (digital content will of course).  You’ll need to take the disk with you.
  • Game sharing with family members is gone.

That tells me one important thing – Microsoft really figured people were going to go for this or accept it, it’s integrated enough into their plans and technology.  I think they were actually surprised (and it seems this will be removed at first login, so they really were planning on this going through).

This is good overall.  Microsoft listened.  I’m hoping that will steer the Xbox towards a better evolution toward the seemingly inevitable living room media machine.

– Steven


Time for a quick roundup on the Game Consoles!

Thanks to Kotaku they have a good roundup of all the console news:

I also expect a summary of the Wii U as well.

Plus ANOTHER android game console:

It seems the XBox/PS4 rivalry is pretty strong, though I think they’re pitching at different audiences.  As for Android consoles, having three or so now is interesting, since they can draw from a similar install base.

– Steve