Time for a quick roundup on the Game Consoles!

Thanks to Kotaku they have a good roundup of all the console news:

I also expect a summary of the Wii U as well.

Plus ANOTHER android game console:

It seems the XBox/PS4 rivalry is pretty strong, though I think they’re pitching at different audiences.  As for Android consoles, having three or so now is interesting, since they can draw from a similar install base.

– Steve

What The PS4 Means For Your Gaming Career

The PS4 got announced in case you happened to have forgot that a Net full of Inter is out there, avoided all television, and talked to no other people.  And you in no way will be startled that yours truly is going to keep with my continuing obsession about analyzing game news and its career implication and analyze the crap out of this.

So gear up people, here it comes.  The PS4 is coming, and here’s what I think.

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