Site Update 7/15/2013

Sorry for not having posted much this week, been quite busy at the new job.  If you hadn’t seen, well, I started at Adobe as a Senior Program Manager!  It’s great stuff, the job is just what I wanted, the people are awesome, and I’m getting into the technical areas I wanted (I’m going more cloud and infrastructure).  So I’ve been busy.

This also means I put my writing and the Seventh Sanctum update on hold for a week.  Sorry about that.

The “new” writing project, I can tell you, is more revisiting some other work, updating it, and combining it into something bigger.  You’ll see!

Also have tons of interview at MuseHack – I’ve got them queued out for about two weeks.  I think I’m on a roll!

So I hope to have more later, but let’s just say last week was a bit crazy!

– Steven Savage

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