Site Update 7/9/2013

As you may have known, I took last week pretty much off.  Which really meant relaxing, some writing, and playing Rogue Legacy and Cube World. Which are awesome.  I even reviewed Rogue Legacy.

So what’s up?

First, new job!  Yes, I’m over at Adobe now, and quite enjoying it.  It’s a move from Project to Program Management for me, which is exactly what I wanted (though I can also bore you with my whole fractal management theory).  So if things are slow a week or two more, you know why.

The next book project is mostly solidified, and no I can’t say what it is as it actually builds and expands on some of my previous work.  Sorry, but there probably won’t be anything to say for 2-4 more months.  But it’ll be cool.

Based on some feedback and ideas, I may be bundling up some of my other writing as small or free ebooks.  So there may be another “minor” release in the next six months as well.

The job coaching is going good, and I’ve been doing more resume coaching (really, everyone hates doing them).  Be sure to contact me if you want help – everyone seems happy so far!

Seventh Sanctum’s rewrite is going pretty good.  In fact, it’s really more reskinning the front end using Bootstrap, and I like what I see so far.  My guess however is that won’t launch until end of Q3/early Q4, depending.  I wanted to try for September, but at this rate I’m expecting to spend more time testing than I expected, and I want to get a more interesting look.

MuseHack is doing well, and we’ll be having a few more things coming up, so stay tuned!

– Steven