Link Roundup 8/13/2013: Hyperlooping the Kickstarter And More

Had a lot of good stuff today.

Very important to follow – a startup program that focuses on an aging population.  This is a great (and kind of obvious idea) and fits trends I’ve seen lately for specialized incubators.  It’s a great way to focus and probably avoids rather dumb ideas.  Check this out . . .

Here’s three programs encouraging women in science and engineering and geekery.  It’s awesome, and yes you should check them out.

Fine, here’s something on the Hyperloop.  Actually the slightly cracked sci-fi weirdness aside, this intrigues me.  If nothing else I’d like to see it get a go if only to get people to experiment with public transport MORE.

A fascinating post that asks if there’s a danger to Kickstarter changing cosplay communities.

– Steven Savage