Thoughts On The Psychology of Crowdfunding

We’re no strangers to Kickstarter here. Hell, Rob is writing his own series on the experience (which you should be seriously reading just for the resources). Our friends are using Kickstarter. I interview people using Kickstarter. There’s also other sources … Continue reading

Link Roundup 8/13/2013: Hyperlooping the Kickstarter And More

Had a lot of good stuff today. Very important to follow – a startup program that focuses on an aging population.  This is a great (and kind of obvious idea) and fits trends I’ve seen lately for specialized incubators.  It’s … Continue reading

Jason Sacks Announces a Sabre Kickstarter!

(Jason Sacks, friend of the site, is involved in a Kickstarter of a classic comic of years past: Sabre) I’ve always been attracted to creators whose work shows a clear, uncompromising vision. I’m always delighted when a brave creator takes … Continue reading

Kickstart A Documentary on Back To The Future What impact did these films have?  Here’s a chance to see a documentary on it – by funding it. – Steven … Continue reading