Jason Sacks Announces a Sabre Kickstarter!

(Jason Sacks, friend of the site, is involved in a Kickstarter of a classic comic of years past: Sabre)

I’ve always been attracted to creators whose work shows a clear, uncompromising vision. I’m always delighted when a brave creator takes a unique take on material that is very specifically their vision and doesn’t compromise with anybody else’s.

I’ve always been attracted to the comics work of Don McGregor. Don is a writer of singular vision. Don is a humanistic, compassionate, deeply intelligent and immensely passionate writer about a world in which powerful men and women fight for everything that Don cares about – love, freedom, truth, friendship. Don’s characters always have to battle valiantly for the things that are important to them, whether they’re The Black Panther, Killraven, Warrior of the Worlds, Luke Cage Power Man or his most explosive character, Sabre.

The struggle and fight to find happiness is a brutally human event in Don’s comics, which contrasts deeply with his thoroughly poetic writing style. Don writes from the heart, creates characters that live in three dimensions and thoroughly inhabit their lives.

Don’s new book, Sabre: The Early Future Years (http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/jsacks/sabre-graphic-novel-by-don-mcgregor-and-trevor-von), illustrated by Trevor Von Eeden – another deeply intelligent and enthusiastic creator – brings that vision to the printed page once again with an intense action/adventure romance with all the customary thrills and passion that Don brings to all of his comics.

I agreed to take this project on as the Project Coordinator because I love Don’s vision for his world. He’s a man who truly inhabits his world with a joy and energy that makes you just want to rally around and feel that same joy yourself.

I hope you’ll take a moment to look over this project and hopefully be part of bringing Don’s latest vision to the printed page.