Geek Job Guru: Don’t Fear The Reviewer

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I’m a fan of Yahtzee at Zero Punctuation. His snappy reviews, his sharp wit, his ultimate affection for games, and his fast delivery really make me laugh. It’s not just his skewering of sacred cows, but it’s the fact I think he authentically loves games as well and he’s not full of himself. He’s a bit like Lewis Black but less shouty and with a better hat.

In his review for TIm Schaffer’s Broken Age (also quite amusing), he looks at this kickstarted game, but at the beginning of his video wonders what’s the point. Why do you review a game when people have already ponied up the money for it? What is the point?

At first I had a hearty laugh and then let him do his usual (result: game’s first chapter is flawed, but promising), but then began thinking “you know he has a point.”

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Thoughts On The Psychology of Crowdfunding

We’re no strangers to Kickstarter here. Hell, Rob is writing his own series on the experience (which you should be seriously reading just for the resources). Our friends are using Kickstarter. I interview people using Kickstarter.

There’s also other sources of fundraising. There’s Indiegogo. There’s Rockethub. There’s specialist sites from Gambitious for games to – and I’m serious – Offbeatr for adult (and no, no link sorry).

Even tightwads like me get into the act. I got my Ouya fully knowing it was more of a lab experiment than anything else, but it was worth participating. I’m waiting on several projects to move forward now and really enjoyed being a part of them.

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Wattpad’s New Self-Publishing Crowdfunding Effort

OK it’s not the first, but Wattpad is releasing a crowdfunding function on their platform.  They’ve come far since that interview so long ago . . .

Now this is intriguing period since in a way some people have leveraged recognition gained from social networking for promotion in a less integrated manner.  This formalizes it.  Watch this, because if it works it may validate the model elsewhere.

Why have a few general sources of crowdfunding when you can have specialized ones?

Of course this also builds things for Wattpad . . .

– Steven Savage