Geek Job Guru: Don’t Fear The Reviewer

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I’m a fan of Yahtzee at Zero Punctuation. His snappy reviews, his sharp wit, his ultimate affection for games, and his fast delivery really make me laugh. It’s not just his skewering of sacred cows, but it’s the fact I think he authentically loves games as well and he’s not full of himself. He’s a bit like Lewis Black but less shouty and with a better hat.

In his review for TIm Schaffer’s Broken Age (also quite amusing), he looks at this kickstarted game, but at the beginning of his video wonders what’s the point. Why do you review a game when people have already ponied up the money for it? What is the point?

At first I had a hearty laugh and then let him do his usual (result: game’s first chapter is flawed, but promising), but then began thinking “you know he has a point.”

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