Steve’s Update 9/16/2013

First of all, you can see the latest Seventh Sanctum update here.  The good news is that it’s going to be easier to migrate the generator list pages over, the bad news is I really don’t know the best way to format them.  Suggestions requested.

The migration is going to be easier than I thought in general, but the formatting really keeps challenging me.  I’m trying to find ways to innovate without getting too crazy or disruptive.

The next book (which, yes, will get described in a few months) is almost ready to go to beta readers.  I’ve got to flesh out some resource sections and then I can pass it on.  I also got one of the first introductions written, from a reader of my works, and it actually inspired me even more.  Come to think of it I need to get to the artist . . .

Be sure to check out Muse Hack for my series on Citizen Geekery.  I’ll be jumping into defining geeks this week, along with my usual interviews.  Those as noted are regular things – and I’m enjoying that a lot!

The biggest challenge to time is . . . Saints Row IV.  It’s an interesting experience that I got because I heard it was incredibly fun and funny, and frankly it deserves the praise.  It’s actually reminiscent of Mel Brooks’ humor in many ways, as if Mr. Brooks was incarnated as a younger game designer.  Despite some of the crudity and violence, it has an oddly good natured humor to it, and it spends a lot of time parodying other game tropes and bugs.  I’d like to see this approach used in other games as it shows you can do funny and fun at the same time.

Speaking of time I’m trying a few different time management techniques.  I most post on them in time.  I’m finding that planning on different scales and timeframes is quite important, and it’s making me think about professional management techniques as well.

Speaking of that, expect more posts over time (hopefully).  I want to finally get to some ones on project management and reporting.  I’ve got a whole theory on business reporting that – believe it or not – you’d probably enjoy.

– Steven Savage

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