Steve’s Update 9/9/2013

Had a busy weekend – experimenting with building a HTPC.  Pretty educational and fun, and it reminds me of a lot of things I’d forgotten.  I’m still tweaking it, but definitely worth it – and I can see why people would move from cable boxes and consoles.  I’ll probably be writing about that some more.

As you’ve seen I’m trying to do more postings here, to reach out to people, to share things, and just to get ideas out of my head (and perhaps seed future books).  I know the cooking may seem odd, but people ask me advice about that too (in fact, part of “Epic Resume Go” and “Quest For Employment” coming into being was writing down stuff people asked me).

The next book (and yeah, no naming yet) is now in my first round of editing.  However as I want to do it right (and get a few other projects done) it’s probably not going out until January or even February.  I might also do some work later this year or next year on smaller books expanding on other themes.

I’m considering my next big “fan book” and probably need to run a poll.  I’m considering doing something on larger geek social involvement.

With a new design and a cool new logo, the Seventh Sanctum rewrite is now to the coding phase.  It’s going pretty well so far, but I’m coding the generators last because that’s going to be complex, so I can’t predict how tough that’ll be.  The back end code is solid, but we’ve got some formatting changes and those can get time-consuming and surprising – a few pixels here or there, a font size, a background, can all make shocking differences.

Still seeing if we’ll revive the community, there is interest but still figuring the form it’ll take.

I’ll be taking my MuseHack work in a bit of a different direction, looking to focus on culture issues and broaden my interviews.  Stay tuned, I’ll hopefully have some surprises.

– Steven Savage

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