Curry Diary 10/24/2013

OK a quick update on my quest for the best Japanese Curry.

I’ve been playing with Milestone Curry #4 for awhile, trying to find how to get the balance of tastes – mostly as the addition of red wine made it complex but a bit too sweet.

I think I got it to a near-milestone again – by cutting the wine to 1/3 a cup and giving up on using the Broth substitute.  The Broth substitute is nice, but I tried home-made vegetable broth and it seems to add a little extra something.  I’ll probably use regular vegetable broth (made at home) for the rest of my experiments.

(It’s not like it’s hard to make)

So I’m going to try a few of the stored servings to really get to know the subtleties of the new taste.  I think I’m close to a new plateau, but it’s more subtler than the last one – all the tastes in balance.  From here I think it’s a matter of improving a mix of richness but keeping balance.

The red wine was actually very revealing.  I’m starting to realize the power of fermented foods and taste.  Several of them – soy sauce, wine, and vinegar – are big parts of my cooking.  In combination they’re quite powerful (my experimental vegetarian Cincinnati Chili, which isn’t ready for prime time, uses all three).  Consider other similar foods such as beer or cheese, and the richness they bring.

Well, I’ve got two more servings of this curry to eat, then I’ll think about the next stage . . .

– Steven Savage

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