Japanese Curry, Healthy Variant

Remember when I said I was trying to make a faster, healthier version of Japanese Curry?  Here’s one of my attempts.  Really you puree a few things,cook, and then combine a few things.  That’s it.

Now is it good?  Well . . .it’s mediocre.  Thats’ not bad for a first time, but it just doesn’t have the depth of my other versions.  On the other hand it’s healthier and a lot faster.

I’m thinking that the arrowroot is actually a mistake and that I need the oat flour from my old recipe.

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Japanese Curry – Final Version (With More To Come)

Well this is it.  I have reached my goal of creating a Japanese Curry that was homey, enjyoable, that is reasonably healthy,  and that can be made and frozen without too much trouble.

I actually considered it done when a visitor gave it their stamp of approval.  You kinda want that outside opinion.

So I’m “locking” this recipe as officially done.  Now I am still experimenting with trying to make it a bit healthier (namely cutting the spread and possibly replacing the tomato paste), and am working on a super-fast, super-healthy version.  But this, as far as I concern is not just a milestone, but a complete, legitimate recipe that meets my goals

Makes 3 servings.  It scales up rather well – you can cook two or three batches at once without taking too much time.

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Curry Diary 4/27/2014: Milestone Curry #5: Adjusted Garlic and Flour

Been awhile since an update on curry?  Well I was revising some of my plans, rechecking some measurements, and getting used to my new cookware (burnt the last batch a bit).

My big findings here were:

  • I doubled the garlic.
  • I tried oatmeal flour, since white flour is do dull, uninteresting, and not even that great nutritionally.

It came out really good!  It’s got a good level of richness, nice and tasty, definite milestone.  I might tone the garlic down just a bit – I want to eat a few more meals with it to really judge it.  I’m not ready to call it complete obviously, but it’s a definite milestone.

I also think the change in flour had a real effect.  Good Japanese Curry is about a kind of richness, and there’s so many choices out there to bring a rich flavor.  In this case I used oatmeal flour, but I wonder about whole wheat flour, besan, and other options.  White flour is just too dull.

So here’s the latest recipe!

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