Link Roundup 10/29/2013

There’s a Junior Designer need at Cards Against Humanity.

Goodreads in Amazon’s hands does not have people happy.  I can’t say I’m surprised.

DC Comics is moving to Burbank.  Part of the further Hollywoodization of comics I’d say.  Also maybe to run away from people annoyed at the new 52.  Might be some job opportunities for you!

Facebook buying Blackberry?  Not sure myself, but they’ve been flailing and Blackberry is . . . well Blackberry.  Could this also bring a Facebook presence into Canada?

Sky is taking on Netflix.  A bit of gutsy move.  But I want to watch this in case . .

I also want to watch Al-Jazerra America’s expansion.  Because American news isn’t so hot internationally, I think they (and others) see a vulnerability.

Remember when I was cynical about smartwatches?  About 1/3 of the Samsung ones are being returned.  So I remain cynical.

– Steven “Doesn’t Even Own A Watch” Savage