Steve’s Update 10/20/2013

Well the Seventh Sanctum beta has been checked over . . . and no one found any bugs.  I guess I expected some, but I’m glad nothing showed up.  So now I have to figure a launch time, probably sometime in November.  We’ll see if my “fast-cutover” technique works . .

I’m also using Bootstrap to develop a new site for my books, but more of that later.

Well, I’ll be bugging my beta readers this week to see if they’ve got any feedback on the next book.  So if you’re one of them prepare to be annoyed.  I hope to have an announcement in November as well, but . . . you know that by now.

I’ll be continuing my posts on reporting, and am quite enjoying it.  It’s a bit different beyond my usual writing.  I’ll probably make a presentation out of it.

Geared up for Con-volution in two weeks.  Going be there?  Let me know!

– Steven Savage

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