Steve’s Update 10/7/2013

Hey gang, here’s what’s up!

As you saw, Seventh Sanctum is now migrated over.  Well, it’s on a local server I can test.  I’m going to hammer on it a bit and then consider posting it to a beta domain.

The big issue is, as noted, making sure it looks OK on mobile, which is a bit of a pain.  It scales OK to a phone, but not in a way that I’m completely happy with.  I may have to just lump it and accept it won’t be perfect but good enough if you need to generate random stuff on your phone.  I’ve considered making an app, but won’t revisit that until 2014.

The new book’s first editorial comments are back and that’s going to help.  However there’s some questions on the best formatting so I’m definitely looking at a later January/early February launch unless there’s little content editing.  I’m still waiting to hear from other editors on the content – if the content is pretty solid it may not be as much work.

I just finished Kraken Con, which was universally awesome – and I’ll be posting about it at Muse Hack.  It’s a small, focused, friendly one-day con that packs a lot into that day but doesn’t overdo it.  I’m wondering if these more focused, smaller, more-than-once-a-year cons are a potential future path.

Otherwise, doing some side projects as well.  You may see more in time, depending.  I’m also taking a class so I need to make time for that – it is very cool however.

Sorry I fell off of some of my postings, this week got busy.

– Steven Savage

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