Indie Games Kickstarter weekly vol. 10


Hello everyone!  We’re trying a bit of an experiment here it sharing site content.  IndieHaven, a dynamite Indie Game site, does a weekly Kickstarter roundup.  So we get to repost it a day or two later for the Progeek crowd!  Special thanks to Adam Ward for Putting this together.  So let’s get to it . . .

In volume 10 of Kickstarter Weekly things get real with Sewer Rats… like super real.


Ink – Funding Goal: $10,000

Misfit Games

If you can’t get enough of colorful 2D platform games, then Ink is right up your alley. You play as a sketch in a notebook who must use different colors of ink to overcome obstacles and traverse pages. Yet watch out, as white-out is your mortal enemy. Misfit Games is seeking $10,000 by Dec. 28, to successfully fund the project. For a contribution of $5, backers receive a digital copy of the game for PC or Mac.

“I used to doodle in my school notebooks all the time, but now I can take it one step further and play it.” – Andre

Apollyonic – Funding Goal: $20,000

Slippery Studios

Apollyonic is essentially a mixture between Borderlands and a top-down zombie shooter. Starring a super soldier sent in by the government to rescue the last remnants of humanity, Apollyonic features an impressive variety of gameplay mechanics.Stealth, super powers, randomly generated loot, bunker construction, and much more. To top it off, the game has up to four player cooperative multiplayer. Slippery Studios is seeking $20,000 by Dec. 25, to successfully fund the game. For a contribution of $25, backers receive a digital copy of Apollyonic.

“When it comes to the zombie apocalypse, I’d take superhuman abilities over a shopping mall any day.” – Andre


Sewer Rats – Funding Goal: $28,000

Mark Moroz

If Shadow of the Colossus had a baby with Steam Boat Willie, you would get Sewer Rats. This 3D action-adventure title is all about defeating humongous bosses using cues from the environment. You play as a gypsy orphan exploring the streets of a metropolis, just looking to have a little fun.Your primary weapon is a comedically over-sized monkey wrench, obviously designed for senseless beatings. The classic cartoon violence is molded after classics ranging from Popeye to Ren and Stimpy. Though, the game is built on far more than stupid shock value. Bosses require a good deal of strategy in order to dismantle their defenses and bring them to their knees.

Mark Moroz is seeking $28,000 to successfully fund Sewer Rats by Dec. 30.The game is slated for release on PC and Mac.

Tiers and Rewards:

– Early Bird Catches the Rat: For $8, receive a digital copy of the game.

– The Cartoon Glove: For $10, receive a DRM-Free copy of the game and full access before launch.

– The Pie Eyes: For $15, gain exclusive access to a developer forum as well as a beta of the game.

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