Crossroads Alpha: Meet IndieHaven

OK, the roundup continues of the members of Crossroads Alpha, the Site Alliance.  In this case, let’s meet IndieHaven!

IndieHaven, who you’ve already seen some content from (and some reposted there) is an Indie games site that my friend Jose manages.  I met him a few years ago as part of a now-defunct professional geek networking group that I should really revive.  He’s a professional journalist, so if you wondered how a game site could come out of nowhere and work . . . he’s the reason.

IndieHaven has already been a site MuseHack has been allied with, so a stronger relation seemed inevitable.  It’s also important as both sites have their focuses on geeks-gone-pro; MuseHack does it all the time, and IndieHaven both has some pro issues and interviews, but is also staffed by a damn talented group who look to grow their skills.

So, go over, say hello, and enjoy!

– Steven Savage

Indie Games Kickstarter weekly vol. 10


Hello everyone!  We’re trying a bit of an experiment here it sharing site content.  IndieHaven, a dynamite Indie Game site, does a weekly Kickstarter roundup.  So we get to repost it a day or two later for the Progeek crowd!  Special thanks to Adam Ward for Putting this together.  So let’s get to it . . .

In volume 10 of Kickstarter Weekly things get real with Sewer Rats… like super real.

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