Update 2/9/2014

Hello everyone, hope you’re all doing well.  What’s up with me?

  • I am now formatting the book.  I am never sure how long this is going to take since between tool updates, lessons learned, and my different kinds of book it’s a tad unpredictable.  I’m hopefully going to finish by Monday next week so I can get a test print early.  But we’ll see.
  • You saw the new Magic Guild Generator, so now after a break, I’ll decide what’s next to do.
  • We are recruiting at Crossroads Alpha. Stay tuned for more to come from that side . . .
  • I’m lining up some more speaking events, but still haven’t finalized my spring/summer schedule.  I actually should get to that shouldn’t I?
  • I do need to do more here on my site.  I got a lot of cooking I want to post, some actual relevant things about me, so we’ll see.  I’m definitely going BACK to my old method of consolidating writing time.

That’s all for me – what about you?

– Steven Savage