50 Shades Of Resume #16: The Colorful And Simple

Resume 16

Faratiana is a creative person to judge by her many works, but it’s her resume that got my attention. At first glance the colors stand out – but then as you look at it you see how there’s both clever and effective design and a lot of information, all delivered with precision.

Here’s what stands out to me:

  • The skill section is clever. Each color calls attention to a different skill, and the “rating system” tells you how good she is. There’s many ways this could be used on resumes, but the basic idea is whimsical, colorful, – and effective.
  • The colorful “stars” detailing each separate section also call attention to them – without being garish or overdone. This is a good use of bright colors effectively.
  • Every use of color here has an atypical shape – no squares or circles. That further draws attention.
  • Note that the elements of the resume reinforce each other – the star at the top is made of colorful “teardrops” – which in turn are reflected in the skills. The “star” itself is reflected in the single-color stars later in the resume. This adds a consistent design – and shows great thought.
  • It’s a nicely complete resume. It’s all here.
  • The use of different text colors is a useful choice for adding detail and hitting high points. It works well with the use of color.

I have a few critiques:

  • There’s a bit too much white space, It could be a bit fuller.
  • The light-colored fonts are just a bit too light colored and look washed out. In addition, some of the smaller fonts are a bit too small.
  • The use of the white colors in the “skill tears” is good, but a bold may work as they don’t quite carry.
  • A photo of the artist *might* work here to further personalize it. ┬áIt might need to be black and white or colorized to fit properly

Overall I’m very fond of this resume, as it’s another one that manages to be a “standard” resume while being creative, and it uses interesting ways to communicate skills – in this case an unusual skill list and a rating system. Finally, it feels very professional.

Steve’s Summary: If I saw this it immediately gets my attention – and then as I look at it I see more detail. I feel I can “get” the creator very easy, and it shows an extremely professional level of work.

[“50 Shades of Resume” is an analysis of various interesting resumes to celebrate the launch of the second edition of my book “Fan To Pro” and to give our readers inspiration for their own unique creations.]

– Steven Savage