50 Shades Of Resume #49: The Coordinated

Alexander Parker’s resume and business cards are part of a coordinated project – the design of each reflects the other. Alone that’s pretty neat, but the resume design is also pretty impressive.  Together it’s a serious job search combo. Let’s … Continue reading

50 Shades Of Resume #48: The Emergency Sticker

Jonathan Wong would like to warn you. Namely, he’d like to warn you he’s an awesome artist.  Fortunately he’s got a big sticker for that. This emergency sticker is actually the cover to a more standard resume (in the lower … Continue reading

50 Shades Of Resume #45: The Multi-Stage Infographic

Michael Anderson’s resume is one of the infographic styles we’ve seen, though he’s actually merging several different info graphic styles together. There’s timelines, circular graphs, and even some humorous self commentary in graphic form. The result is pretty information-dense and … Continue reading