50 Shades Of Resume #33: The Straight Up

Resume 33

I originally saw a more funky resume that Landin Hollis had done – a clever clipboard. But he’s not one to limit himself, and his most recent resume is this straight up, almost minimalist resume with what seems to be a slight art deco feel. We’ve seen a lot of wild resumes here, and his is nearly restrained.

But a minimal resume is also a challenge to create – and do it right. I’m sure many of us have been there before.  He did it.

Some great takeaways:

  • The most artsy part is the header, with the unusual mix of fonts, sizes, and colors. That makes it stand out from the minimalism of the rest of the resume – and sets the color scheme.
  • On the subject of the color scheme, he’s chosen a simple and effective one.
  • This is another resume that uses symbolic representations of skills – in this case a “five point” scale for software and a linear scale for design skills.
  • Using braces is a neat touch for showing information relevant to his resume.
  • I like that the skills are at the top – you know me.
  • Another two-column resume here – and it works with the left column for career-specific, and more general stuff on the right.
  • This is another example of a resume that gets the job done and wants to communicate clearly. That says something about the creator.

A few critiques:

  • There’s too much white space on the left. that could probably be reduced by 1/3 to 1/2.
  • I’m not sure having two different forms of skill ratings is a good idea. It breaks up the design, but also contrasts.
  • The related skills section is a bit of a mishmash. It’s a good way to show other skills, but also mixes various things together including personal touches. It might go better in the left column.

Steve’s Summary: A good resume. I’d be glad to get one like this – concise, clear, and easy to understand.  I can’t really complain.

[“50 Shades of Resume” is an analysis of various interesting resumes to celebrate the launch of the second edition of my book “Fan To Pro” and to give our readers inspiration for their own unique creations.]

– Steven Savage