Steve’s Update 5/20/2014

And hello to everyone!

Busy day here, got some vacation time coming up, keeping busy at work, and got friends coming to visit.

First of all, thanks to everyone asking about the tooth.  Now that it’s been three weeks things are healing fine.  I’m feeling great . . . and not missing being on medications and needing coffee to function.

I had my first sale of the new Fan To Pro awhile ago.  Now, let’s see what happens there.

Taking the break from writing a new book for at least 6 months was also well-needed.  Last year was insane and the rewrite was challenging.  So I’m kicking around where the next stage of my writing is going to go, and I think my next “major” book may not be about geek careers but something else.  We’ll see where that goes.

Though as noted, my plans to roll up Way With Worlds as a book will proceed anyway, when I’m done with it.  I don’t have an answer to that as it seems sometimes what was once one column becomes three in the rewrite.

Seventh Sanctum has two writers beyond me now – and we’re always looking for more.  I really want to turn the codex into a second resource for writers and artists.

So that’s it for me – what about you?

– Steven Savage