50 Shades Of Resume #44: The Combined

Resume 44

Leonardo Zakour combined his web page, his resume (into foldable style to boot), and his business card into a project to promote himself. It’s like a grand slam of development, consistent style, and self-improvement.

Now I’m going to focus on both his resume and this combined effort. What can we learn from the resume first?

  • The resume is very cleverly broken up. The folds in turn define the different subsections, making each section nicely bounded and precise. This well-composed.
  • A foldable resume is, of course, useful to hand out at events and easily portable.
  • The resume flow is also excellent, each nice, precise section leading to the next (though again, I quibble with the skills listed last, below)
  • The resume also uses varied text styles and colors to make it more interesting and to highlight important information.
  • The resume is also pretty straightforward, but he breaks it up using icons for communication and putting skills in graph form.  It keeps it from being dull.
  • On the subject of the skills, he presents the skills section as graphs and makes it effectively compact –  he gets a lot in a small space.
  • The resume also communicates well. It shows a lot of thought and ability.

What can we learn from the “whole effort?”

  • The unified look is great. It shows planning, it presents himself consistently, it looks professionally.
  • Describing it on the web as a personal project is a good move – it shows thought as well. It also is a good challenge.

A few critiques:

  • As I note a lot, I prefer skills first on resumes. However as he’s using a graph form for his skills, I find this can work lower down the resume.
  • I’m not sure the light blue works on everything. It seems a bit light for the “logo” on the resume, but a bit too aggressive on the business card front.

Steve’s Summary: Great resume, and a good unified effort, says a lot about his skills and thoughtfulness. This is the kind of thing I like getting handed at a business event or an interview.

[“50 Shades of Resume” is an analysis of various interesting resumes to celebrate the launch of the second edition of my book “Fan To Pro” and to give our readers inspiration for their own unique creations.]

– Steven Savage