Steve’s Update 6/2/2014

Hello everyone, hope you’re doing well.  So what’s up?

First, I’m glad to see more people reading my posts on #YesAllWomen because that is a very important subject to discuss – and to listen on.  I actually want to write more here in general, I think I just got out of the habit – and there are issues to discuss.

Secondly, got a few more posts on cooking coming. And yes, I probably need to post more – but as one of my goals is to roll up my recipes into a handy file, I hope to do more anyway.

Things are churning at Seventh Sanctum – I’ve got a Writing Prompt generator in the works, columns coming, and some social media experiments.  Stay tuned there, lots of fun things coming . .

Fanime was a blast – and I did only one panel.  Great con, great events, smartly run, really enjoyed it.  Then again I run stuff for a living, so go figure.

That’s about it for me – what about you?

– Steven Savage

Steven Savage is a Geek 2.0 writer, speaker, blogger, and job coach.  He blogs on careers at, publishes books on career and culture at, and does a site of creative tools at He can be reached at