Thoughts on Scarlett Johansson

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Some friends and I at Crossroads Alpha were discussing Scarlett Johansson, who seems both very visible and clearly not trying to coast on her role as Black Widow.  We also discussed how in Hollywood, actresses have to make their own way in a system that often works against them.  Now Ms. Johansson seems to be a very smart person, a great actress, and pretty savvy – she’s had a hell of a career if one checks it out, so I figure she has a plan.

It struck me that she often does unusual roles as of late, has always touched on SF, and doesn’t mind doing crazy weird stuff at all.  It struck me that, in short, I think what she’s doing is building a “home” in some genres which also gives her the luxury of branching out and experimenting – and her association with SF as well as experimental films is perfect for this.  She could go do a few crazy SF movies and an art film and no one would bat an eye – and it gives her a broad base to work out a continuing career.

In many ways, I see her becoming a bit like Sigourney Weaver, beloved in genre spheres giving her a solid base for anything else – and someone that people respect.  I get the impression Ms. Johansson likes to mix it more, but I see some kind of underpinning similarities.

But I think it’s clear she’s working on a serious, long-term career.  That’s as respectable in the crazy world of films as any great role one may have, because it is a weird business to be in.  Makes me think that in the decades to come, she’s going to bring a lot of great work to the screen.

– Steven Savage

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