Steve’s Update 12/1/2014

OK a bit behind – been busy, been traveling, so here’s what’s up!

First of all, I’m working out my final speaking engagements at AODSF.  It looks like it’ll be on writing, curry, and networking.  Yep, the full Steve Savage Obsession Range will be a-go.

MuseHack, as you saw, is re-structuring – to be my more voice yet a voice of enablement.  That’s taking time, but I like how it’s shaping up – and expect a lot over the holidays!  I also just finished my Fandom Identity series, and started a new two parter on “Is There An IT Gap.”  I also have a few more things coming up after that as I focus more longform.

I’ve been discussing my next book plans with some people and will probably start a new book project sometime in the new year.  Still shaping it up, but I’ve found a few things to focus on.

Next up for Seventh Sanctum will probably be a magical power generator, for those anime like Fairy Tail and some early fantasy where “superpower” and “magic” and “martial arts” were kinda slammed together.  But it’ll be a little crazier than you may expect . . .

That’s it for me.
– Steven Savage

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