Civic Geek Update 1/25/2015

Sorry for the delays, but I’ve been busy.  But here’s a new Civic Geek Catalog Update!  Don’t forget I’ve got this sorted by Geekery and Category.  210 entries and counting (and yes, I have to make subcategory pages).


  • Charitable Work
    • Cosplay For Charity – A belgian cosplay group that attends and helps with charitable events
    • Costumers With A Cause – Costumers who lend their talent and presence to various charitable events
    • Pausle For a Cause – A singaporean cosplay group involved in charity events as well as other ventures.


  • Citizen Involvement


  • Books
  • Literacy
    • Words Travel – Scholastic’s national literacy program for incarcerated parents and their children.


– Steven Savage