Activities For The Civic Geek: Support The Troops

Being in the military is challenging, as many people know.  Support the geek troops by supporting your mutual interests! Being stationed away from home and loved ones, moving around when required, tough training, unexpected surprises – being in the military, … Continue reading

Civic Geek Roundup 2/15/2015

This time I decided to look more into horror and RPG/physical game charities.  That may be a rich area to examine in the weeks to come. As always you can find the full list at Civic Geek, sorted by Geekery … Continue reading

Civic Geek Catalog Update 2/8/2015

The latest Civic Geek Catalog update is here – with our first Horror charity!  As always the Civic Geek Catalog is categorized by Geekery and Category. Computing Female Geeks Girls Teaching Girls To Code – A Bay Area program where … Continue reading

Talking Cell Phones For Soldiers With Robbie Bergquist

  Back when I researched disposing of e-waste, I was fortunate enough to find out about Cell Phones For Soldiers, which of course went right into  Erin McCloskey, who handles communication, introduced me to one of the founders, Robbie … Continue reading