Civic Geek Roundup 2/15/2015

This time I decided to look more into horror and RPG/physical game charities.  That may be a rich area to examine in the weeks to come.

As always you can find the full list at Civic Geek, sorted by Geekery and by Focus.

Latest additions:



  • Activism
    • Artistic Activism – A site for artists interested in political and social activism


  • Charitable Work
    • Scare For A Cure – Texas-based Uses an all-volunteer haunted house to raise money and mentor youth.
    • Scares That Care – A horror convention specifically run to raise money for families in need


Video Games

  • Charity Marathons
    • Crystals For Life – Does RPG speedruns to benefit the JDRF and their work on Type 1 diabetes.


– Steven Savage