Activities For The Civic Geek: Support The Troops

Being in the military is challenging, as many people know.  Support the geek troops by supporting your mutual interests!

Being stationed away from home and loved ones, moving around when required, tough training, unexpected surprises – being in the military, simply, isn’t an easy job.  We’ve all known people in the military life, know the challenges – and know supporting the troops is one way we civilians and current civilians can help our.  If we’re geeks, gamers, and so on, we can help out our geeky brethren who wear the uniform.

After all we’re geeks.  We know the importance of games, comics, literature, anime, and so on.  We know what our fellow geeks in the service like.  Let’s make it easier to get it to them.

You could:

  • Join any number of groups (I’ve got a few listed below) to help out.
  • Your events, club, and conventions could support groups that help out geeky troops.  Imagine a manga donation marathon!
  • You could invite current and former members to speak on their experience to your supporting group or club so people know exactly what they experience.
  • Find ways to get care packages of appropriate material to those in the service.
  • Work with current military charities in your own geeky ways.

You get to make a real difference in the lives of people, you’ll learn more about what military service is like (or show people), and you get to do good for people in uniform.

In your own, geeky way.



Literature and Technology

  • United Through Reading – Connects US military personnel with their children by video-recorded book readings.



Video Games

  • Military Gamers – A community and support network for military and former military gamers from the US military. Promotes healthy gaming and support.
  • Operation Supply Drop – A military gaming charity that delivers video game care packages for American and American allied soldiers in both combat zones and military hospitals.