Steve’s Update 10/5/2015

Hey gang, had a busy time speaking at all sorts of events –  Con-Volution then PMI Silicon Valley 2015.  Know what?  I think I’m gonna take a break from anything big for now.  That was pretty exhausting.

The PMI panel was interesting as I spoke about the role of creativity in the profession – and discussed my theories of creative types.  I may just do a book on that.

Speaking of books, let’s get on to that . .

Sailor Moon Book – We’re back folks!  Bonnie and I put our heads together this week to look at our analysis of the first interviews – which were very revealing.  This book keeps surprising me.

Still looking like it won’t be done until fall next year.  I hope we can speed it up, but this is worth taking time on.

“Resume Plus” – Yep, my guide to jazzing up your resume, my first ebook-only in awhile, is coming.  I’ve got it in the hands of my editor right now, and I hope to get formatting it soon for release late October/early November.  It was actually fun to write, and encouraged me to mix small books with large.

Way With Worlds – I’ve got a big push this week to get it ready for my pre-readers.  So if I’m not that active, you know it’s because I’m busy cursing my own mistakes.  If you want to be one, let me know!

Gonna keep this short, since it’s been a long weekend – and tomorrow you get more Civic Geek . . .

  • Steven Savage