New Book Project – Sailor Moon Book!

Sailor Moon, the anime, the manga, the fandom is everywhere.  It’s been with us for decades.  It’s influenced many people.  In North America she’s probably one of the most recognizable super-heroines.  There’s a lot to learn from the fandom – and you know how I like to learn!

I’m teaming up with a fellow professional, Bonnie Walling, to work on a book about the impact of Sailor Moon on women 18 and older in North America. We’re looking to interview women who were or are fans of Sailor Moon, and who felt it had a positive impact on their lives.  Our goal is to listen to people’s voices, and organize what we find into a book that will help people understand how the phenomena affected – and affects – these fans In addition, we’re doing historical and related research so the book can try and give people a grasp of the impact of the series over time, and provide a useful reference.

We’re looking for people to interview, so if you’d like to be interviewed or know people who would be, go on and let me know!

If you’re interviewed, then:

  • That you’re credited in the book – by your given name, nickname, alias, or whatever you prefer.
  • That you’ll get to see a draft of the book (electronically) before it goes out.
  • You’ll get a free e-copy of the book after publication in your preferred format (PDF, ePub, Kindle, etc.)

Drop us a line!


– Steven Savage