Steve’s Update 6/5/2015

Hello everyone!  Had a busy week so this is a tad late.

First of all, if you’re on my personal newsletter, you just got it.  Need to make sure those are more regular.

Way with Worlds has officially wrapped up.  I’ve started work on the Way With Worlds book, and after a review . . . man that’s a lot of material.  However, I can also see how my approach varied over time, so I want to make sure it’s consistent, expand it a bit, and so on.  Current plans are to have it out in 2016.

I need to get to the Plot Twist Generator for the Sanctum – and am still not quite sure how to start it, and probably won’t get to it until July  I think it’s going to be like the Writing Prompt Generator – I’m just gonna have to dive into research, classic plot twists, and so on and go from there.  The Writing Prompt generator was pretty educational, so I have to wonder what this’ll teach me.

Still waiting to hear back from several conventions on my potential speaking schedule – and I’m also trying to push the idea of cons running creative jams.  Imagine a room set aside for just for writing or art – maybe for the entire con?  Well I got a new thing to promote.

Now the upcoming big news – I am going to do the official announcement soon, but I and a partner are starting a book on anime fandom.  More to come, but we will need interviewees . . .


– Steven Savage