Way With Worlds: Wrap-Up Plus!

So, I sat down recently to plan my next Way With Worlds Column – and realized that I had no more to write. I had all the rewrites I wanted. I had added all the new content I was inspired to add. I had completed my goal.

That goal? Revisit what I’d written over 15 years previously to update it with all the things I learned since then. Mission accomplished – but now there’s more to do.

I’m now going to gather all these columns and do what I should have done all those years ago – edit them into a book. Once that’s done I’ll have the definitive word on my theory of world building for the next fifteen or so years. That’ll also give people something to have and read and keep – much as I found some people had printed out all my old columns.

While editing the columns into a book (and doubtless improving and updating them), I’ll probably be inspired to write other columns. You’ll see those pop up here and there as the mood strikes me – and they will be integrated right back into the book.

This is going to get the full book treatment – multiple edits, organizing the columns into appropriate categories, and so on. I will surely tweak, rewrite, and expand the work, integrating the feedback and insights I’ve had since I started this mad effort. When it’s done it’ll be worth your time.

How long will this take? Not sure because I want to have fun with it – and because I’ve got other projects going on. Right now I’d guess the release would be no earlier than late 2015, and no later than a year from now.

Will there be other non-WWW writing here from me? Probably. You know me, I can’t shut up . . .

. . . though I should also get to some more generators. That Plot Twist one is still hovering over me, and you folks keep sending ideas . . .


– Steven Savage