Steve’s Update 6/22/2015

Whew, busy time.  I’ve had software launches, dental work, and more the last few weeks.  Doing pretty good, but now I need some time to slow down (I’m hoping the 4th gives me that break).

Sailor Moon Book

Whew!  We’re doing plenty of interviews but my guess is we’ve easily got 8 more weeks of this before we have enough interviews, maybe 12.  We’re finding a lot of fascinating stuff already, but the analysis is going to take some work.

Still looking for more interviews if you’re interested!

Way With Worlds Book

Editing this now. It’s going pretty smoothly, but I need about 2-3 edit runs to make it ready for “real editing.” The book itself promises to be 450 or so pages long, so this is a lot of work, probably easily 3+ months before I get it into enough shape I want someone else to go over it. So I think it’s very likely we won’t see it until 2016.

However, I think the edit of the . . . uh . . . . rewrite . . . is going to make the book much better. I can tone up or streamline language, expand information, make things clearer, and make it flow better. The new chapter structure breaks the columns into logical subsections that really add consistency to the lessons.


I think I figured how to do the Plot Twist Generator.  Now I’ve just got to start it . . .


You’ll notice the Informotron has a new look.  More to come so stay tuned!


Still lining up my engagements out into October. I hope to nail some down in the next week or two, but you know how busy people get.

Worth Checking Out

I just heard about this first person adventure/mystery game Firewatch, which looks like a kind of playable movie with a strong sense of characterization, atmosphere, and plot.

A roundup of places to get sane financial advice.



– Steven Savage