Steve’s Update 6/28/2015

Hope everyone is doing well.  Caught a bit of a cold last week so I’m a tad behind.  Where are we now?



I applied to speak on professional creativity at a PMI event this fall.  Let’s see if I land it – and it will probably spawn a new presentation to do elsewhere, as well as a possible book . .

Sailor Moon Book:

Chugging away on interviews, and we’re starting to see patterns and get an idea of how to structure the book.  Still not expecting to see this until next year, so stay tight.

We’re also doing some historical digging, so if you have any good resources let us know – Sailor Moon history is surprisingly ill-recorded outside the essentials.

Way With Worlds Book:

This one is probably due around March 2016.  It’s actually a pretty regular piece of work since it’s all written – the challenge is the editing and making sure everything from 70 something columns actually coheres.  The size also means it takes a little longer to edit than my last work.

I’m actually pleased with how solid it is.  There’s a lot in there, and I’m going to be adding a bit more . . .

– Steven Savage