Steve’s Update 7/20/2015

Sailor Moon Book

I’m taking a break from the interviews – got people visiting and moving, so this week I’m taking off.  We plan to start organizing the book soon, and do another round/call of interviews.

Though we’re writing things up, we’re not writing chapters yet – we’ll be trying the first one in October at this rate.  If my theories are correct, it’ll go pretty smooth after that.  The first chapter will determine if our plans work . . .

The timeline is also going to be a bit of a challenge as there’s so much partial, lost, forgotten, or even misreported Sailor Moon history – like the fact the infamous “Saban Moon” dub wasn’t from Saban.  Or the outsourcing involved in the American dub.

Way With Worlds Book

The WWW Book editing continues – and I’m really busy re-editing the part on species and race (which will spawn one or two new sections), and the part on sex (which needs a little more coherence).

One thing I’m debating is splitting the book in two – there’s really two sections, the worldbuilding and the being a worldbuilder.  As for now I’m keeping it as one, but I may want some feedback – that means a poll (we haven’t had one of those in awhile).

Still projecting next spring, depending how fast my editors and pre-readers get to it.

Upcoming Projects

Got a few surprises, keeping this under wraps, but I may have a new ebook out soon . . .

– Steven Savage