Activities For The Civic Geek: Access To Books

Get yourself, your club, or your convention involved in getting books to people in need.

We all love books, and we probably have pretty easy access to them. Not everyone else is so lucky. Maybe you and your fellow geeks want to help people get their hands on good books to enjoy, to improve their lives, and to widen their visions. Books are powerful tools.

You – or our club, convention, or fan group – could collect books for those in need. Have a day where everyone brings in their unused books and donations. Have a donation bin or drop box at your club or convention. Go to a local library sale, get a lot of cheap books, then donate them and help out two good causes at once. Or perhaps your library needs books and you donate right to them.

As for who you can help, there’s many organizations, local, national, or international that you can get involved in. Check out the resource sections below.


Book Drive Guides:


(Note, you can often find many local organizations that need books.)

Organizations – Comics


– Steven Savage