Steve’s Update 8/24/2015

Hope all of you are doing well!  I’ve been busy as always.

Way With Worlds

This week I finish my current editing sweep – and then the next one begins.  In that one I plan to read the sections backwards – which helps me get a fresh view on the things I was editing when I was tired of it, and catch continuity errors between sections.  We’re definitely on schedule to get it to pre-readers in October.

Sailor Moon Book

Still on track to restart the book on Labor Day.  My co-author is doing much better, so we’ll have a meeting around that time to determine our next steps.

Plot Twist Generator and Other Generators

The plot twist generator didn’t get an update this weekend, but I hope to do one soon.  I think it’s time to just sit down and do a serious push on it to take it to beta.  Fortunately everyone’s given me great feedback.

I also may need to take a small break from it after I get it to beta, and write something fun and simple.


– Steven Savage